Acoustic works:

Sólás (2019)

for mezzo-soprano & piano

Beethoven Reflected (2019)

for string quartet

Fire and Ice (2019)

for Ensemble

William Marshal – The Flower of Chivalry (2015)
For Piano

Liquid Mercury (2014)
For Piano

Serein (2014)
For Piano

Beloved on the Earth (2014)
For Choir and Orchestra

The Turn – Dance in your Blood (2013)
For String Orchestra

Surge (2012)
For Orchestra

Fall Approaches (2012)
For String Orchestra

I have five things to say (2011)
Song cycle for voice, clarinet, cello and piano

chiyo (2011)
For Orchestra

turn (2009)
For Orchestra (with optional ensemble)

eiru (2009)
For Javanese Gamelan

Nikuda (2008)
For Ensemble (clarinet, violin, viola, bass, percussion)

Fiol (2008)
For String Trio

Latitude/Longitude (2007)
For String Quartet

volt (2006)
For Violin and Piano

zone (2006)
For Piano

joklar (2005)
For Piano

moonsick (2005)
For Clarinet and Cello

bobeobi (2005)
For large ensemble

Amhrain Amergin (2004)
For large ensemble

Telephones and Gongs (with co-composer Mel Mercier) (2003)
For Javanese Gamelan