Electroacoustic works:

Mallacht (2023)

for orchestra and electronics

Water Witch (2022)

for piano and electronics

Undersong (2022)

for viola da gamba, ensemble, electronics

Ceolas (2022)

for uilleann pipes, violin, cello, electronics

Brightening (2022)

for mezzo-soprano, flute, electronics

Aud (2021)

for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, electronics


For soprano, mezzo soprano, string ensemble & electronics


Double bass and electronics

Last Lines (2019)

Voice, violin, cello and playback

Oscillate (2019)

Accordion, viola and playback


String quartet and tape

ekstasis (2016)

Percussion and tape

Oblique (2015)
For Choir, ensemble and laptop orchestra

fridur (2015)
For Piano and Tape

Torann (2015)
For Ensemble and Tape

downward in a freezing earth (2015)
For Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Tape

O Iochtar Mara (2015)
For Voice, string quartet and Tape

Azure (2015)
For Ensemble and Tape

Jump (2012)
For Cello and Tape

Cosán de Solas Gealaí Buí (2012)
For Large ensemble, Irish traditional instruments and Tape

revelavit (2011)
For Voice and Tape

exploding stars (2011)
For Violin and Tape

Their Sound is Gone Out (2011)
For Voice, Harp and Tape

glimmer (2010)
For Electric guitar and Tape

net (2010)
For Strings and Tape

Dubh (2009)
For voice, viola, keyboard and Tape

numarimur (2009)
For two female voices and Tape

clusterphobe (2009)
For 8-channel playback

immersia (2008)
Installation for Snakes and Ladders Festival, New York; curated by Daniel Figgis

Galura (2008)
For Piano Trio and Electronics

Fall Approaches (2007)
For Choir and 8-Channel Tape (also may be performed in acoustic version with choir alone)

seek (2007)
For 8-channel tape

stop what’s started (2007)
Version for Four-Channel Tape

stop what’s started (2006)
For Saxophone, Cello, Double Bass and Tape

Stratus (2006)
For Ensemble and Tape

all collisions end in static (with co-composer Keith O’Brien) (2003, revised version 2006)
For Flute, Viola, Harp and Tape

Stratus (2006)
Version for Tape

do you remember the planets? (2005)
For Viola and Tape

Libera Me (2002)
For Choir, Organ and Four-Channel Tape